Terms and Conditions

Lesson Terms & Conditions

1. AberMusic or the teacher will schedule lessons weekly, or by other frequency, in writing.

2. Invoices are generated in advance for the next calendar month and should be paid before the start of each calendar month.

3. A £10 surcharge will be added to any invoice remaining unpaid after 7 days. Tuition will not be provided if fees remain unpaid and any lesson missed through late payment of fees and will not be made up.

4. Lessons will be charged unless 24 hours notice is given in writing.

5. Lesson times are displayed in the student and parent portal. It is the responsibility of the students and their parents to check regularly the lesson times.

6. Any lesson(s) charged for but not actually taught by the teacher will result in a make-up credit to be used for a make-up lesson.

7. Any music or other sundries supplied by the teacher to the pupil will be invoiced directly.

8. Notice to discontinue tuition must be received by AberMusic and the teacher in writing by the start of the month preceding that in which the lessons are to be discontinued, failing which a months’ fees will be payable in lieu of notice.

9. AberMusic holds the right to increase or decrease fees at anytime, however a minimum of one calendar months notice will be given in writing.

10. AberMusic and teacher may appoint a deputy (subject to DBS checks) to undertake the teaching of any, or all of the lessons in place of your regular teacher.

11. In the event lessons are not able to be given in-person for any reason, lessons will be given online.

12. Any amendments to our terms and conditions will be communicated in writing.