Mastering Music, One Step at a Time: How Small Sections make for better practice!

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when practicing a musical instrument? Do long and complicated songs seem impossible to learn? Don’t worry, because there’s a secret technique that can make it easier for you: practicing in small sections! In this blog post, we will explore why breaking down your practice into manageable parts can make a big difference to your musical journey.

  1. Paying Attention to The Detail: When you practice in small sections, you can focus on specific parts of the music. By concentrating on one section at a time, you’ll notice all the little details such as dynamics, like when to play softly or loudly, or articulation, how to make your playing sound smooth and connected. This careful attention to details will make your music sound even better.
  2. Getting Better and Better: Practicing small sections allows you to improve your skills and play with more accuracy. When you break the music down into smaller parts, you can concentrate on the tricky bits that are difficult to play. By practicing those parts over and over again, your fingers will remember how to play them correctly; we call this muscle memory. As you get better at each section, you’ll be able to play the whole piece beautifully.
  3. Solving Problems Step by Step: Sometimes, a piece might have parts that are very difficult. But don’t worry, practicing in small sections helps you solve those problems. When you focus on a small part, you can figure out what’s challenging about it. Is it a tricky rhythm? Or maybe it’s a tough finger position? By finding the problem and working on it, you’ll be able to overcome the difficulties and play the whole piece with confidence.
  4. Building a Musical Puzzle: Each small section of a piece of music is like a piece of a puzzle. When you practice each piece, you learn how it fits into the whole picture. You’ll understand how different sections create different moods and feelings in the music. As you put all the pieces together, you’ll see the whole song come alive. It’s like creating a beautiful painting with your music.
  5. Feeling Proud and Making Progress: Practicing in small sections gives you a sense of achievement and progress. Each time you master a section, you can celebrate your success. It feels great to see how far you’ve come! And as you connect all the sections together, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve learned. You’ll feel proud of yourself and your musical abilities.

So remember, learning to play a musical instrument is like climbing a mountain—one step at a time! Practicing in small sections helps you take those steps with confidence and joy. By paying attention to the detail, improving your skills, solving problems, understanding the bigger picture, and feeling proud of your progress, you’ll become a master of your instrument. So, embrace the power of small sections and enjoy your musical journey!


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