Discover our integrated practice timer!

Embarking on a musical journey with your child requires a blend of structure and a touch of fun. In our Student & Parent Portal, we provide an integrated practice timer! While it may not possess wizardry, this effective and simple device aids musical learning by both structuring practice and making it more enjoyable for our little maestros.

  1. Structured Focus: Imagine your child’s practice session as a playful performance. Our Practice Timer, seamlessly integrated into the student portal, shows how long they have practiced for in real time, creating even more of a sense of achievement.
  2. Goal Setting and Tracking: Help your child to set a goal before practising, then turn on the timer, and aim to fulfil the goal with the practice time! This is a highly effective way of helping children set achievable goals within designated timeframes. The goal can be anything from learning a few notes to a making a piece of music completely fluent!
  3. Develops Discipline: Discipline doesn’t need to be strict! Building in the use of the practice timer at each practice session helps continuing progress by seeing the amount of time practiced through setting aside time and reducing distractions!
  4. Enhances Time Management: Beyond practice, time management is a crucial life skill. Using the practice timer imparts this skill in a playful manner, teaching children to optimise their practice time efficiently.

Introducing the practice timer in a positive way to your child has countless benefits. Using our practice timer on the AberMusic Student & Parent portal isn’t just beneficial for your child, but your child’s teacher too! Use of the timer allows your child’s teacher to see your practice time and can help structure each session even more effectively! This ensures that the musical journey is both guided and enjoyable. Start using the practice timer today!


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